Best EV Diagnostic Scanner N9EV Released

Best EV Diagnostic Scanner N9EV Released

XTOOL has released our most anticipated professional scan tool to date. The N9EV is a scan tool specially designed for EV cars that offers mechanics, electricians, and auto shops more processing power, more capabilities, and more versatility than ever before. It has become a must have for EV diagnostics.


The N9EV offers an impressive number of benefits and features. The tool comes with ADAS Compatibility, ambient Light Sensor , 2G RAM, 128 ROM, TESLA Adapters and a 9.7 inch touch screen. It provides unmatched functionality in every facet.


The biggest highlight of N9EV is advanced battery pack detection function, designed to cater to most electric vehicles (EVs) on the market. This cutting-edge feature sets N9EV apart from the competition, ensuring that owners of various EV models can enjoy professional performance and peace of mind.


With N9EV, you can count on a comprehensive diagnostic tool that not only covers EV and gasoline vehicles but also offers advanced features like Topology Mapping, IMMO functions, and a host of other special functions to ensure your vehicle's optimal performance, security, and customization options.


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